As native St. Lousian I grew up attending the St. Louis Art Museum, the Gateway Arch and the Missouri History Museum on countless schools trips and for fun, with my mom. From a young age I was fascinated by the subject of history. More than a favorite school subject it was a diversion of my spare time. I realized I wanted to be a curator much later than the original spark of interst, while working my first internship in the summer of 2009. As I brought box after box of textiles out of the vault at St. Charles County Historical Society's headquarters to catalog, label and repack I came to understand that I want to work with objects. I crave the preservation, research and public education that curators bring to a community through the documents, photographs and objects for what they are held responsible.

Personal interests

Hiking with my dog, Holiday, is one of my favorite things to do. As you can see from our photo it is one of her favorite things to do too.

I am a Cardinal's fan, an amateur chef, a movie buff and a coffee addict. If you can't find me in a museum, check the library.



I have had some opportunity to travel, though nothing near my future asperations. I've studied abroad in Greece and have vacationed in Italy. In the near future I hope to visit our friendly neighbor up north, Canada and to reconnect with an old friend who lives in Auckland, New Zealand.